Delusions Of The "True" Israelites.

Jacob (left) prophesies the future of his sons' descendants, the Israelites. Egypt continues by land into israel with no body of water dividing it though, the identity thieves, great deceiver and impostors tried to cut off Africa from Israel with the suez canal so that they could claim it was not part of Africa When this failed and they couldn't physically carve up north east Africa, they named it middle east and drew the map of Africa showing Egypt as the outer fringe on the north east side when Israel is actually linked to Africa.

The black supremacist group is obsessed with security and the evils of white people. There are also groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India which claim to be the true descendants of the Israelites. Please understand that I am a white man and my heart is to see God's love and forgiveness provided to all people of every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Many black Jews fled back to Egypt and further afield and many remained optimistic and remained in Israel, as the roman army approached, more and more black hebrews left and when the roman army arrived, the killed over a million remaining black Hebrews and destrogen their cities.

When the African American slaves encountered the Hebrew Bible, the Exodus story became critical to African American Christianity.43 Dr. Eddie Glaude, scholar of African American studies and religion, asserts that by prophecy the mid-1840s the metaphors of Exodus had indeed sedimented as the predominant political language of African Americans.

Their Promised Land was a plot in Virginia where descendants of black men and women could gather and be safe from the scourge of white supremacy. Then, when King Cyrus gave the Jews” the freedom to return to the land of Israel, the returnees likely would have been a mix of people from Israel and Judah.

There is no evidence that the Hebrews or the Egyptians were black. It took 2520 years for the Israelites to become re-united in their new land - as the United Kingdom of Great Britain. God knows who the people of Israel are and where they are - every single one.

If Yahushua ,Yoseph, and Miriam(Mary) was white could they possibly hide out in Egypt amongst a black race? Finally, when they tell you to bless Israel so God can bless you, perhaps you should start praying for the people in the ghettos of American cities. 678 b.c.e. Israelites were always noted for their musical talents.

The archaeological record is missing any evidence of a large migration from Egypt to Canaan (said the Bible to include 600,000 men of fighting age or at least two million people in all), while even relatively small bands of migrants usually leave some evidence of their travels.

What is the essence of being a true Israelite? Jackson, who has observed these groups extensively, said in his experience, Black Hebrew Israelite street preachers are usually disciplined in terms of not pushing interactions with the public to the point of physical violence.

Consequently, the Black Hebrew doctrine conflicts with the ethnic diversity of African Americans. As Dr. Shlomo Sand ( Invention of the Jewish People , 2009) and many other historians have proven, the vast majority of Jews never left Israel. The Ibo people of Nigeria are also known to be descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelites.

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