Research Concerning Negroes Being The Hebrew Israelites

How did the Hebrews turn White? Whether clad in camo or purple and gold, the Hebrew Israelites go where you go. Yelling, swearing, debating, pointing, and loudly pontificating; they go hard. The Black Hebrew Israelites appear to allow for the idea that there are other books that should be in the Canon of Scripture, or are at least as authoritative as the sixty-six books in the Bible.

The Ashanti people of West Africa are definitely Hebrew Africans; as are the Fulani, and elements of the Yoruba people. In fact, in the ninth century, 90% of Jews lived in Muslim countries, and HaLevi's book was written, like many other Jewish works in the Middle Ages, in what is known as Judeo-Arabic”, which is Arabic words written with Hebrew letters.

It wasn't until men such as, Father Saunders Crowdy, Rabbi W.A. Mathews, Rabbi Arnold J. Ford, The Noble Drew Ali, The Honorable Elijah Muhammed, Marcus Garvey and J.A Rogers began to teach about the true color (race) of the ancient peoples of the Bible that some "Negroes" began to disregard the false perception of these Biblical and historical figures as Caucasians and accepted the reality of them being "Black".

It's in the Bible: "For here we have no continuing city, but seek one to come." "A city which hath foundations whose builder and make is God" Hebrews 13:14; 11:10. The Book of Judges describes the Israelite tribes as very distinct from one another, often living in peace with their Canaanite neighbors, and sometimes warring against each other.

The former Phoenix Sun and NBA star identifies as a Hebrew Israelite. The records of the Hebrew Israelites in the Bible say that the Israelites would be scattered throughout the four corners of the Earth. Check out this snippet about Ancient Hebrew History. The Bible says that God tells His covenant or chosen people that they would be the rulers of many nations and that many nations would spring from their loins as well.

This lead to the creation of several factions of Black Hebrew Israelites (hereafter BHIs) that spread across America, and later to Africa and Israel. Nowhere in scripture are the laws done away with, Yahshuah the Messiah has never done away with the laws, and Yah has never done away with the laws ( Hebrew Israelite Heritage ).

"General Mayakaahla Ka," an Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge preacher, regularly shouts down whites, Jews and other enemies in street confrontations. Also, one of God's covenant promises to his chosen people was that they would be a blessing to all nations.

He uncovered the long history of Black-Jewish relations and Jewish connections with control of Blacks and their impact on Black progress—and End of days the lack of Black progress from slavery and the days of King Cotton centuries ago to control of entertainers and athletes today.

Read Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 and you will not find a single verse saying, The Most High said the Curses are the identifying mark of the true Israelites.” You will not find that God says, Whichever people are suffering the curses in their entirety are the true Israelites.” Some of the verses in those chapters can be compared to African history—as well as many other pestilences and genocides and enslavements throughout time.

The Church of God and Saints of Christ is one of the most important religious bodies in America that few people have ever heard of,” said Jacob Dorman, professor of history at the University of Kansas and author of Chosen People: The Rise of American Black Israelite Religions.

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